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I’m a full-time Mummy to two Little Feet and a fur ball. I am an Arts Education author and freelance blogger. The Rainbow Tree is a space for me share ideas of activities and crafts that I do with my Little Feet at home. We are also a forces family. Daddy Big Feet is in the Royal Air Force and for the most part we go where he goes. Where once I kept this part of or lives separate, as time has progressed I have found it more and more important to spread some light on this way of life, the highs but also the lows.

I am passionate about Art Education, not just about the academic stuff but instilling a sense of creativity in all aspects of life. My art passion really began at Primary school and followed me through school. By sixth form my true love of Art History took hold after a school trip to Florence and Vienna. Art had my heart from then on. I went on to study Art History at University and then at Post-Graduate level. 

After working in an Auction house life circumstances changed. I did some work in schools in a TA capacity I quickly realised there is a lack of Art being taught in Primary schools. Teachers are overworked, underpaid and generally don’t have the experience or time to research for Art lessons. I was shocked to find out while working at the Primary School that they had one art lesson every two weeks. 

Art should to be introduced at an early age, children learn through creative play and art, it is all encompassing to all subjects. It encourages creativity, imagination and develops the ability to think outside normal parameters.

I truly believe that everyone has creativity in their bones. We are made of stars after all. Where this creativity bubbles over in some people, with most you have to nurture it, encourage it, practise it in order to watch it grow and ever expand.

So join me on this crazy life of parenthood and if you find just one thing that inspires you to do something creative with your Little Feet then I have succeeded in why I first started this blog.

Disclaimer: This blog has affiliate links included, this in no way means if you click through and buy any items attached that you pay more. It simply means that I get a little commission which helps me continue to run this blog!

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So as well as blogging here in this space, I also do some freelance blogging for a company called Super Simple. Created in a classroom in Tokyo, Japan, teachers began to create songs that helped children learn. Their belief that music is a powerful tool for learning led them to begin to create their own songs and in 2006 they began posting them to YouTube. Music led to videos accompanying the music and YouTube channel led to the creation of numerous channels and content for educating children. They are watched worldwide by a huge audience. Super Simple is now based in Canada and I have the most fun creating content for the blog section of their website. The content I create is very varied, ranging from recipes for the Bumble Nums, crafts for Caitie's Classroom, The Super Simple Show, Captain Monsterica and the Purple Protector, Carl's Car Wash . On top of that I write a monthly Art History series for them and there is another fantastic series I am writing for them which will be airing super soon!

Take a stroll through their website and have a look around. Type into the search engine Grace Selous Bull for any of the pieces I have done for them.