Homemade Christmas Post


Making Christmas cards is a fun way to do seasonal crafts with your children. I try to do this every year. We like to send them to family members to make them that bit more special. Nothing better then receiving snail mail. 

This year we have made some negative Christmas shape cards using gold finger paint. It is effective and looks pretty too. Plus for those who have an aversion to mess and glitter, this is a great way to limit the mess. The finger paint is like jelly and doesn't wander far. So your children get their sparkle fix without the days of glitterfication afterwards! Win, win if you ask me!

We also made our own envelopes as we didn't have any envelopes to match the size. Also a great way to add some colour to your post. 

What you will need:

  • Black card
  • Gold finger paint 
  • Paper and white paper
  • Scissors 
  • Prit stick glue 
  • Earbud


  1. Cut and fold your black card into a card shape. However big or small you would like. 
  2. Decide what Christmas shape you would like on your card. Draw it and cut it out so that it will fit on to your black card. 
  3. With the glue gently glue some dots around the back of your shape and gently push onto the centre. You don't want it to be completely stuck down as you will need to lift it back up again. 
  4. With your earbud, dip into the gold finger paint and dab it around the outside of the stuck down shape and around the outside. 
  5. When complete slowly take the stuck down shape off. It should leave behind a sold black shape. It will show the shape you have chosen which has been made by the outline of the gold paint around it. Pretty cool huh? 
  6. Leave to dry. Once dry cut some white paper to fit inside the card so you can write in it. If you have a silver or gold pen then no need to do this bit, just write directly on the black card. 


Homemade Envelopes

Follow the picture instructions to show you have to make some envelopes. Make sure you sellotape either side at the end (Step 7).