Craft-asaurus Rex

Over the last few weeks I have been exploring Dinosaurs with Patronus A. Every month I like to explore a new topic with her. Entertaining a toddler in this day and age where there are so many electronics can be tough. It is super easy to break in to their cries of 'TV Mummy'.

Listen, there is DEFINITELY  a place for TV and electronics. I am not one of those mothers who refuses to let their toddler watch TV. I would be lying if I said my toddler doesn't watch TV every day. She does. She has notoriously always woken up with the dawn chorus, since she was a baby. And quite honestly who at that time of day, especially in the winter, has energy to entertain a big ball of energy. Especially when the whole day stretches out in front of you like a big sticky roll-up. Like everything though we go through seasons where she may watch more TV than others. At the moment Patronus B, hates to nap, but needs to, three times a day. This means that the other one watches an episode or two as I generally fail at the former task of getting the younger down to peaceful slumber. I do on occasion beat myself up about the TV consumption, but at the end of the day, as long as I can find time in the day to give each of them a little bit of my undivided attention, I think they'll both turn out alright. 

With all this in mind, I like to do projects with Patronus A every month. A couple of months ago it was Space (I will share these activities in due course.), this month it is


In our tribe we tend to use 'asurus' as an adjective rather a lot... For example, if Patronus A falls asleep in the car going somewhere where I need to wake her up, she firstly; morphs into Dementor A and secondly; becomes a huge Grumpasaurus. If she has had a crazy day she becomes crazy Tiredasaurus, and so on.

As the days have passed she has begun to get more and more interested. In fact just the other evening we discovered her, sat quietly on a window sill (not a high one, calm down) reading a comic book from the library about Dinosaurs. It was one of those swoon, heart emojis popping out of our heads, try not to go grab her and smother her in kisses moments.


Our Favourite Dinosaur Story Books

It turns out we are a bit partial to Dino books in our Tribe! Here are a few of them that are well loved with our Patronus A and the Hubbie. 

One of Patronus A's favourite films for about 2 months was, 'The Good Dinosaur'. I personally, find it a tad dull *silently hears husband glaring daggers in my general direction*, but it teaches about family, loss, never giving up and making friends. All good things to learn. 

Wellington Country Park

If you happen to be in or near Hampshire and have kids that like Dinosaurs I would recommend taking them to Wellington Country Park. They have a little Dinosaur Trail section that is awesome. Also, as a whole the park really is amazing. It has Adventure Trails, sandpits with diggers, various playgrounds, a miniature train, a bouncing pillow (if you haven't heard of this, Google it, they are fab, especially if you have a toddler like mine who is literally OBSESSED with jumping), a petting farm, tractors and outdoor connect four games, a large lake where you can feed the ducks, lots of places to have a picnic and grab an ice cream. There is also a Cafe AND an added bonus for us is that you can take your dog. All in all, everything you could want from a day out with kids!

Keep an eye out over the next few days for Dino activities, there will be a few coming up on here - The.Rainbow.Tree. 


Dino excavations coming tomorrow