Earth Day 2017

Earth Day 22 April, 2017


Every year hundreds of countries join together to educate the world on an international level about the environment. 

The first Earth Day was on 22 April, 1970, started in America. On that day 20 million Americans pounded the streets, parks and auditoriums in support of the environment. 

20 years later it has gone global and now engages 200 million people throughout 141 countries in environmental matters on an international stage. 


in honour of Earth Day, I will post a new blog post every day that is related to nature and the fun you can have with it until the 22 April. Lets teach our kids to love nature and take care of it. 


We are the worst predators on the planet. 

We only have one planet. Let's love it. 


Some books to read with your kids about the environment


Films to watch with your kids about our world