The Bug Hotel



For those who follow me on Instagram and my facebook page, you will have seen my announcement post about the start of a beautiful collaboration with the company Super Simple. Though currently based in Canada, their origins began in a classroom in Tokyo, Japan. Japanese teachers began to realise the songs available to use as tools to teach children were were developmentally all wrong for the age they were being aimed at. Their ethos is entrenched in the foundational knowledge that music is a powerful tool for us to use to teach our children. Armed with this knowledge they began to create songs in 2005, specifically aimed at young learners, taking into account their developmental stages. By 2006 they began creating Youtube videos to accompany them and as they say, the rest is history. They have a universal audience around the world and are only ever expanding and making learning fun for Little Feet through creative means. Using music as an educational tool they explore many topics. 

 I MEEEAN, come on, it was a match made in heaven! 

If you need anymore persuasion all you have to do is ask Little Feet B, she is 18 months and LOVES their videos. All you have to do is mention the name and she does her little dog dance, by which she stamps her feet excitedly. She only does this for three things; food, her dummy and the mention of the TV going on. High praise indeed.

So if you are intrigued with this new collaboration, then you should defiantly follow the link below to see what excitement is all about. I can promise you a craft that is fun, accessible, cheap, outdoorsy, educational and perfect for spring and summer shenanigans.

So join us at Super Simple for more information about

The Bug Hotel

To make it all the more enticing, Caitie's Classroom will be doing an accompanying video for the blog post. So you can see a bug hotel being made (almost) first hand. 


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