Huggable Heroes

Huggable Heroes.

‘Reinforcing Bonds and Reducing Separation Anxiety’

This brand changed the second part of our 5 month deployment and helped us through to the finishing line.

You all well know from my previous posts that after RnR, which for us was immediately in the New Year (2019) that Little Feet A really struggled with Daddy leaving again. We had floods of tears and little sleep that were scattered with regular nightmares. She developed a lack of ability to play by herself and be in a different room to me. She suddenly got suffocating anxiety about going to school and being away from me, me being the one constant in her life at that time. The result? A very unhappy house for all of us. Nothing worked. No amount of hugs or constant reassurance helped.


One week, on one of my precious child-free mornings I was walking our dog listening to a podcast by Jess Sands and The InDependant Spouse series. These are made by Jess Sands, a graphic designer, podcaster, RAF military spouse and general military spouse champion.

In her first series, Jess interviews the creator and owner, Jo of a company called, ‘Huggable Heroes’. Jo, being a military wife herself, saw her daughter really struggle with her husband working away during the week. When he arrived home at weekends, she wouldn’t go to him and he was shunned. A very difficult process to go to for both sides. So an idea surfaced. Making a teddy with their Daddy’s picture on it. They took it everywhere with them. Just like that weekends became easy and comfortable between parents and children.

So with most fairy tales, her company grew and grew.


These Huggable Heroes, are not just for children of military families whose parents are away for long periods of time. They are for anyone’s child who has a parent who works away, anyone who has lost someone or may be losing someone to illness or a tragic accident. Anyone who misses someone.

Such a simple concept. The most simple ones are often the ones with the deepest impact don’t you think?

Within a week of receiving those Daddy hero teddies, Little Feet A slowly started to cry less at school, her anxiety gradually began to lift. I’d be lying if I said it was instantaneous but I could see the ball of wool wrapped and tightly tangled inside her was slowly beginning to unravel. She'd take Daddy to school in her bike basket, her sister would carry him in the pushchair, we’d take him to the park, to the shops, on a dog walk. Daddy came everywhere with us. Having that constant reassurance that he was there with us in spirit if not in body seemed to settle her when nothing else would.

IMG_0839 2.JPG

Jo mentions in the podcast that lots of Teaching Assistants use them as tools in classes with military children whose parents are away and that the results are brilliantly effective. I can vouch for this myself. We have been extremely lucky as the school Little Feet A went to at the time of deployment was on camp where we lived. That meant all the children are forces kids and the teachers and staff knew how to handle a situation where a parent is away for long periods of time. The teachers were brilliantly patient with Little Feet A. Allowing her to take her Huggable Hero with her to school, even though teddies are not allowed in class. Most of the time that teddy stayed in her drawer and didn’t get taken out until the end of the day, but knowing it was in there if she needed it made a world of difference. Children would come up to her and ask who it was on her teddy. That interaction would make her shyly light up, being given the opportunity to talk about her Daddy. Precious moments.

Many military families, know of these toys but I noticed many did not. We had lots of people comment how clever it was and if I had made it myself. I felt really strongly about spreading the word to people who don’t know. These hero teddies altered our cycle of anxiety for Little Feet A and we can’t recommend them enough. They are small enough to fit in a school book bag and big enough for a child to properly be able to give it a hug.

So in celebration of the new Huggable Hero website that Jo has worked tireless to get ready she has kindly offered 10 discount codes for some lucky readers!

Giveaway competition!

Huggable Heroes have gifted us 10 discount voucher codes for 10 people that can be used on their website.

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