Hobbycraft Half Terms!

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February half term is fast approaching and so has the snow. It is bitterly cold outside and most of us once the novelty of the white, fluffy stuff has subsided will want to hibernate inside wherever possible. Half term and hibernation… hmm that could go either way, especially if you aren’t prepared, which I have had my fair share of being less then wanting in the imagination front. That won’t be happening again!

In the run up to half terms or holidays I start to peruse craft shops online (we live in the middle of nowhere Sigh). I suppose actually this is probably more safe purse wise then if I were to actually enter a craft establishment. This can be beautifully illustrated in a recent event of taking part in an evenings lampshade making course with some other ladies. Once completing the evening some were buying some extra kits to take home. After saying I would absolutely not be buying any thing else, I ended up coming home with two additional kits. I get awful craft envy…

Anyway, I digress. We have put together some Hobbycraft items that we have our eyes on for the February half term and we thought that some may catch the eyes of some of you lovely readers. There is a real variety of items from really cool STEM activity packs, to crafting packs to easy books that your Little Feet can take away to have some ‘quiet time’. Win!

Weird Science Sensory Slime Kit, RRP £5

Galt Rainbow Lab, RRP £12

Make it real Terrarium Jewellery, RRP£6

Junior Paint by numbers mermaid, rrp£5

Kids easel and paint bundle, rrp £25

Love Colour-in canvas, rrp £4.50

make it real woven wall hanging, rrp £15

Draw 50 Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals, rrp £5.99

Slime Making Bundle, rrp £13

Crayola Unicreatures Colour Wonder, rrp £7

The Usborne Book of Drawing Doodling and Colouring animals, Flowers, Patterns, and other things, rrp £9.99

Vertical Funky Studio, rrp £7.50

3D Wooden Unicorn Head Puzzle, rrp £4.50

My Living World Bug Safari Kit, rrp £10

Create Your Own Crystals Science Set, rrp £15

Colour In Cardboard Rocket Playhouse 88cm, rrp £17

My Living World Worm Kit, rrp £15

My Living World Pocket Microscope Kit, rrp £12

Giant Box of Craft 1000 Pieces. rrp £5

Technokit Stunt Buggy, rrp £5

Disclaimer: This post is affiliate linked, this in no way means if you click through and buy any items attached that you pay more. It simply means that I get a little commission which helps me continue to run this blog!

Code goes live on 7th Feb


Current Craft Deals Online

Current deals 



  • Easter £1 deals - A whole section with items for only £1, for example: stickers, buckets, embellishments, plastic eggs and chocolate eggs.
  • An entire £1 section that you can scroll through that even includes large MDF letter. 
  • Art Sale- hundreds of discounted items, including half price paint for £1.50. 
  • Half price stamps and inks

Baker Ross

  • In honour of Mother's Day they have a 15% off everything deal. Code: R711D, offer ends 17th March

Crafty Crocodiles

  • Have a couple of pages of sale products. One particular one that caught my eye was the Wooden Hanging Heart Picture Frame. Makes a nice present for any family members.
Wooden Hanging Heart Picture Frame £0.75 each! 

Wooden Hanging Heart Picture Frame £0.75 each! 

The Works

  • 10% off your first online purchase
  • Easter crafts for £1 - Easter stickers, Easter cut outs pack of 8, Easter mini eggs, Easter fabric craft shapes, Bunnies and flowers felt shapes pack of 6, Easter colouring books, Easter Bonnet decorating kit. 
  • I came across THE cutest little thing. A wooden Fairy door you can decorate for £2. SOOO sweet. Perhaps for those who are loosing teeth and need the tooth fairy to come?!
Fairy door, £2

Fairy door, £2

OR, if you would rather buy all the things you need as a oner..

Decorate your own Fairy Door and make your own flowers set

Decorate your own Fairy Door and make your own flowers set