Negative Space Splatter


So before we moved I was given a salad spinner by my Aunt. I had been wanting to buy one for a while and had never got round to it. So I've been dying to show Patronus A how to use it for something other then spinning salad. Does anyone actually use them for that...?! 

So we did some experimenting. Now, I can't by any stretch of the imagination claim this genius idea, i'd love to find out who did. I'd seen it somewhere, probably Pinterest, lets be honest! I've been wanting to try it for a while and boy did it not disappoint! 


After having done the above I felt like we could go further and have a little fun with it. We had a load of freshly 'harvested' leaves on the table that we have working on so I decided to use prit stick to stick the leaves on the measured and cut out circle. 


Once stuck down, we popped it in the salad spinner and squirted some paint on top and got spinning. The result was so effective and actually I almost love the leaves more then the negative leaf shape left on the paper circle!


All you have to do is close the lid once the paint is in and get spinning. Note, if you spin it too vigorously the paper does fly up and crunch, so not too fast. Once we were happy that there paint covered the entire leaf and edges we lifted it out and carefully placed it on the table. Once it had sat for about 5 minutes, I lifted the leaves out slowly. 

Don't they look awesome?!

Don't they look awesome?!


What you need:

  • A salad spinner
  • Paints, post or acrylic will be fine (we picked autumnal colours)
  • White card or paper
  • Scissors
  • Autumn leaves
  • Prit stick glue
  • Tweezers or a toothpick


  1. Cut out as many circles from your paper as you like. Measure them to the size of your salad spinner. Ours was small, but you can buy bigger ones if you wish. 
  2. Put glue on the back of a leaf and gently press it down into the middle of one of the paper circles. Place the circle into the middle of the salad spinner. 
  3. Squeeze three paints into the salad spinner, when there is enough, close the lid on it. Make sure its fitted on properly. Ours wouldn't move unless it was fitted on properly. 
  4. Now is the fun part, get spinning! Not too fast though. 
  5. Have a peek in, if you think you need to add more paint then do so. If not, then carefully take out with with a toothpick or tweezers. 
  6. Lay on a flat surface and allow to sit for 5-10minutes. Then using the tweezers or just your hands slowly lift the leaf off the paper. Allow to dry. Then repeat until you run out of leaves or get bored! 

Finally. We utilised our 'Wall of Fame' to display them.