The Rainbow Tree is One!


The Rainbow Tree is 1 years old today! Today this time last year, I took the leap and started writing down the arts and crafts that I was doing with Patronus A. I was pregnant with Patronus B and had almost finished writing my first book, 'Potty About Pots; Arts and Crafts for Home and School.' It is my debut book and is released THIS MONTH! 30th March 2018. Eck!

The blog ran away with itself and the activities just keep coming as I entertain my tribe of little feet. Below is a little summary of just some of the stuff that has happened in the last year.

A little summary of some of our favourites! 

A little summary of some of our favourites! 

As I put together a gallery of just a sprinkling of activities we have done over the past 365 days, I can't believe how many things we managed to achieve! I hope you enjoy looking at them. Why not make a cuppa when you have a spare moment and have an explore of the website?

Some of our favourites from our Toddler section are shown below.


Some of our favourites from our Primary section can be seen below.


To celebrate this baby milestone, we created a Spring coloured rainbow cake, because it's Spring and we like cake. Obviously.

At the prospect of being allowed to eat cake on a school night Patronus A was thrilled to get stuck in, even after a long day at nursery. This is quite unusual, normally she comes in and goes to play quietly, or ends up on the sofa whining for TV. But cake brings out the best in me so... naturally it does for my offspring. I considered buying a large 1 balloon like so many Instagramers do but for anyone that knows me, food is a huge part of my life. Food is the source of most of my childhood memories and adult memories. Whereas smells or sights trigger some peoples memories, food is littered throughout my memory, being the cornerstone of most of my most meaningful memories. So cake it was! 

This recipe is a Gluten Free cake taken from the fab great blog, 'Flippin' Delicious'. Her tagline is, 'gluten-free can be that good.' Link below for the recipe. Patronus B is gluten and dairy intolerant so I like wherever possible, to be able to include her in the food or make an alternative. I decided this time round to make a gluten free cake for all of us. The little cake, (picture lower right in the above gallery of pictures), is solely gluten and dairy free, the other big cake is gluten free but with a Betty Crocker Vanilla Buttercream. 

It is a fantastic recipe and you can't tell it isn't gluten free, something that it a huge feat. for gluten free home baking! We can definitely recommend it! 


So if you have followed me on this journey from the beginning then thank you! To those who have joined along the way, thank you! To those who may have recently joined us or who have just stumbled across us, come and walk with us through this funny thing we call life-with-little-feet. It is tiring and hardworking, but rewarding and full of laughter (and tears!). Doing arts and crafts with my little feet gives me so much pleasure, my only hope is that it will give you and your own little cubs pleasure too. 

Here is to more years to come... hopefully!