Every Snowflake Is Special


In the UK, newsrooms have been reporting that this winter we will be covered in snow. As a Christmas surprise for you all The Rainbow Tree has something special to share.

About four years ago, around 6pm one evening Daddy Big Feet and I were tired and were giving Little Feet A a bath before bedtime. She would have been about 6 months old. Daddy Big Feet came home chuckling about a rude comment someone at work who had called someone a ‘special snowflake’. Though it was meant to be insulting (obviously) my imagination ran away with me a bit as I thought it would make a fab kids book…. As it turns out, this was not a particularly ingenuis idea as there are lots of children’s books, as I soon discovered, written about snowflakes! However, we both got a little carried away and within a couple of hours of bouncing sentences off each other we had come across this little ditty. We’re not saying it’s any good but it was a fun couple of mindless hours in the midst of surviving new parenthood in a haze of yawns and coffee!

And yes, before anyone comments, we do know that actually snowflakes aren’t all unique, but let’s just all pretend, for the sake of argument that they are! Anyway, we stumbled across this recently and thought it would be fun to share it with you all. And if we know any illustrators out there, let us know if you fancy throwing together a couple of fun images that can accompany it!


Every Snowflake Is Special

by Daddy and Mummy Big Feet

The Rainbow Tree

There’s no such thing as a normal snowflake, no matter what people say. 

Every snowflake is different, special in its very own way. 

Some snowflakes are bigger then others, wider, rounder or taller.

Some snowflakes are shorter then others, but we love them though they are smaller. 

Some snowflakes have glasses, some snowflakes have spots, some snowflakes are full of cold and end up covered in snots. 

A million billion snowflakes fall each second of the year,

enough to build a snowman for everyone far or near. 

Whether plate, column, star or lacy, needle, dendrite or cap,

snowflakes fall in lots of places, just look at that big old map. 

From Montreal, to Tokyo, Great Britain to Kazakhstan, Snowflakes come from around the world and make friends wherever they can. 

Every snowflake is special, but deep down they are all the same, so next you meet a new snowflake, remember to ask them their name.