Hobbycraft Half Terms!

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February half term is fast approaching and so has the snow. It is bitterly cold outside and most of us once the novelty of the white, fluffy stuff has subsided will want to hibernate inside wherever possible. Half term and hibernation… hmm that could go either way, especially if you aren’t prepared, which I have had my fair share of being less then wanting in the imagination front. That won’t be happening again!

In the run up to half terms or holidays I start to peruse craft shops online (we live in the middle of nowhere Sigh). I suppose actually this is probably more safe purse wise then if I were to actually enter a craft establishment. This can be beautifully illustrated in a recent event of taking part in an evenings lampshade making course with some other ladies. Once completing the evening some were buying some extra kits to take home. After saying I would absolutely not be buying any thing else, I ended up coming home with two additional kits. I get awful craft envy…

Anyway, I digress. We have put together some Hobbycraft items that we have our eyes on for the February half term and we thought that some may catch the eyes of some of you lovely readers. There is a real variety of items from really cool STEM activity packs, to crafting packs to easy books that your Little Feet can take away to have some ‘quiet time’. Win!

Weird Science Sensory Slime Kit, RRP £5

Galt Rainbow Lab, RRP £12

Make it real Terrarium Jewellery, RRP£6

Junior Paint by numbers mermaid, rrp£5

Kids easel and paint bundle, rrp £25

Love Colour-in canvas, rrp £4.50

make it real woven wall hanging, rrp £15

Draw 50 Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals, rrp £5.99

Slime Making Bundle, rrp £13

Crayola Unicreatures Colour Wonder, rrp £7

The Usborne Book of Drawing Doodling and Colouring animals, Flowers, Patterns, and other things, rrp £9.99

Vertical Funky Studio, rrp £7.50

3D Wooden Unicorn Head Puzzle, rrp £4.50

My Living World Bug Safari Kit, rrp £10

Create Your Own Crystals Science Set, rrp £15

Colour In Cardboard Rocket Playhouse 88cm, rrp £17

My Living World Worm Kit, rrp £15

My Living World Pocket Microscope Kit, rrp £12

Giant Box of Craft 1000 Pieces. rrp £5

Technokit Stunt Buggy, rrp £5

Disclaimer: This post is affiliate linked, this in no way means if you click through and buy any items attached that you pay more. It simply means that I get a little commission which helps me continue to run this blog!

Code goes live on 7th Feb


25 things to do with your kids in Autumn


October half term is almost upon us and is upon some already. It can be overwhelming to know where to start, so we thought we would help inspire you with a list of 15 fun things you can do. We hope that something will tickle your fancy - October is a great time to have a half term if you ask me!

  1. Go to a pumpkin patch (duh!)

IMG_1428 2.JPG

http://www.pyo.co.uk/pumpkins/ is a great website for locating somewhere near you.

2. Pumpkin Potions


Check out our Pumpkin Potions for more information on how to take part in some serious Hubble Bubble, Toil and Trouble! It is a SUPER easy STEAM activity that will be sure to become an annual event.

3. Make Halloween Cookies


For where to buy them, a review and what they turn out like click the image for more. They are seriously fun and will be a fab morning or afternoons activity for your Little Feet.

4. Go on an Autumn Leaf Identification scavenger hunt

IMG_5017 2.JPG

Go on an Autumn leaf identification hunt ! Print out a printable with a list of items to find on your walk. Click through the image for more.

5. Make Stick Spider Webs, Mother Natured


Mother Natured is one of our favourite blogs that we follow. If you love being outdoors with your Little Feet then this is a treasure trove of ideas for you.

6. Go to the library and find some Autumn & Halloween themed book

Check out our 10 books to read in October on the blog.

7. Spooky Googley Eye Sensory Bags

Googley Eye.jpg

8. Watch a Halloween themed film

Let your Little Feet stay up late as a treat and watch a seasonal film.

Some suggestions:

Coraline, Harry Potter, Hotel Transylvania 1,2&3, Monsters Inc, Coco, Hocus Pocus, Ghostbusters. Use your parental discretion as to which ones you think are suitable for your Little and Little Big Feet.

9. Make hot chocolate sticks


10. Donate food to a food bank

Talk to your Little Feet about giving and those less fortunate. Collect some food and take them to your local food bank. Talk to them about why it is good to give and be kind to others.

11. Make a pine cone feeder


There are pinecones everywhere at the moment - make the most of them if you have them near. We have a similar post on The Rainbow Tree for bird feeders. If you don’t have any pinecones near you find our version HERE.

12. Pick sloes for ‘Mummy’s sloe gin’! 

I always use Jamie Oliver’s Sloe Gin recipe.

I always use Jamie Oliver’s Sloe Gin recipe.

We have had our first frost so ours are in the freezer after a morning of picking. Now where is that gin…

13. Help a hedgehog

Find out how to help a hedgehog this Autumn on the Wildlife Trust website. Click through to find out more.

14. Make a Autumn mantel display


A non-mess option for pumpkin season. A little STEAM fun with nails and string. I’ve seen another blogger do it with rubber bands too.

16. Purchase a Craft Subscription for you Little Feet.

Discounts included in this post expire at the beginning of November, don’t miss out!

17. Stay in and have a Cozy afternoon in wooly socks, books and blankets

Photo by  Alex Geerts  on  Unsplash

Photo by Alex Geerts on Unsplash

This is a fantastic art activity that I did with Little Feet A last year and was a real hit. It happily filled an hour and she loved spinning the salad spinner expectantly waiting to see what pattern the paint left. A real win for a large range of ages. We did some with just paper and others we stuck pressed leaves into the middle of them and spun them. When we removed the leaves it left a fab negative print of the leaf. Click through to learn more.

19. Air-blast An Alien


An easy indoor art craft to kill 30 minutes to an hour depending on how old your Little Feet are. All you need is paint, paper, a dropper, pen and a straw. Click through to find out more.

20. Go to a bonfire night

Find out more on Domestic Goddess.

Find out more on Domestic Goddess.

It’s conker season! If you have Little Feet you will very likely have conkers lying around your house that have been squirrelled away by Little Hands. Conker paint rolling is a great way to use them and create some art work for grandparents! Click through for more!

23. Create an Autumn Nut-Tree Display

Create a window or mantel piece display with your Little Feet. All you need is conkers and or acorns, an forestry oasis and toothpicks. Both of my Little Feet (23 months and 4 years old) really enjoyed doing this together. Why not buy a few different shapes for them to decorate? Click through for more.

24. Make Leaf bookmarks

Collect some beautiful Autumnal leaves, press them and make some crazy easy bookmarks. All you need is leaves, some heavy books, contact paper and scissors.

25. Create a Superhero Halloween Costume - Mask and Cape


For how to make a Superhero mask that will last click through the photo. For how to make a superhero cape using material and fabric paint find the DIY Superhero Party! I contributed for Super Simple HERE .

Crafty Bargains for Half term

Half term is almost upon us. Can you believe it? Anyone else agree that January has flown by in a blink of an eye? It'll be Easter before we know it! So looking forward to the shots of yellow daffodils everywhere. 

Anyway, February half term can be wet and a bit miserable.  This means that unless you are going away, then having some ideas of how to entertain the kids indoors can be useful. Having them prepared and up your sleeves ready to stave off cries and echoes of the, 'I'm bored' phrase. With that in mind I have trolled the internet and have done some research on the best Arts & Crafts that might inspire little feet to get involved. What with Valentine's Day round the corner there are an abundance of hearty crafts which I have included. Don't panic though, there is something for everyone and every taste. 

So, without further a do, scroll down and have a look.

Just click each photo to follow through to the relevant website to purchase.  

Enjoy and send me pictures of all your craftiness!  


Colour In Cardboard Rocket Playhouse, Hobbycraft £17

Out Of The BoxJumbo Craft Box, The Entertainer, sale price £6

3D Wooden Unicorn Head Puzzle, Hobbycraft, £6.50

Pom Pom Heart Wreath Kit 4 Pack, Hobbycraft, £12 

Kids Brushes And Ready Mix Paint Bundle, Hobbycraft, £5

The Works, Colour Your Own Everyday Bag, £1

Heart Craft Punch 0.6 inches, Hobbycraft, £2

Heart Wooden Cross Stitch keyring, Baker Ross, £3 .75 for a pack of 5

Heart Hedgehog Decoration Kits, Baker Ross, £3.75 for a pack of 5

Heart Weaving Kits, Baker Ross, £3.75 for a pack of 6

Love Heart Tree kits, Baker Ross, £3.75 for a pack of 5

Heart Porcelain Mugs, Baker Ross, £5.75 for a pack of 4

Tesco Go Create, Make Your Own Bear, £6

Wooden Desk Tidy, The Works, £1

Fairy Door, The Works £2 for 1 or £26 for 15 (Art party anyone?!)

Medium Wooden Birdhouse, The Works, £2

Make Your Own Mesmazing Wind Chime, The Works, £3

Make Your Own Magical Unicorn Wind Chime, The Works, £3

12 Pack of Wooden Hearts, The Works, £1

10 Pack of Wooden Heart Pegs, The Works, £1

Make Your Own Slime Kit, The Works, £5