Festive Salt dough


Our house has been on the Christmas craft train for a couple of weeks already. We have been doing a few seriously fun bits with our Festive Salt Dough. So I figured that before I post all the crafts we have been doing I should make a generic salt dough post so we can cover how it is made in one post. I have previously done a salt dough post however this one is a little different as it has the addition of food colour AND glitter. What's not to love right?! 

So the premise is the same to make it. You need the same ingredients; salt, flour and warm water. For this recipe however you will need some sort of food colour, I would suggest a food gel as you don't need much of it for the colour to come through. Liquid will require a lot and it will change the consistency of the dough meaning you'll need to adjust the flour by adding more. And lastly, you will need glitter. 



1. With your child, measure out the ingredients and pour the salt and flour in a bowl. Slowly pour in the warm water and begin to mix it until it forms a dough. Once in a dough, lift out of the bowl, sprinkle flour on the counter and continue to knead until firm. You may need to add a little more water if it isn't coming together properly. 

2. Spilt your dough into as many as you have colours. If you only want to do one colour then ignore this step. We spilt ours into five as we had purple, blue, yellow, red and green. 

3. We used Wilton food gel. With a toothpick we dipped it into a colour and then into the dough. Then the kneading continues until the colour has spread completely creating an even colour. Do this for each of your colours. 

4. Slightly flatten your dough rolls and pour the glitter you have into the middle. Fold the dough in on itself and knead again until the glitter has dispersed evenly. 

5. If you are not using them straight away make sure to wrap them tightly in clingfilm and keep in the fridge as they will keep for longer. We kept ours successfully for a week and I even have some still in there two weeks on. 


So there you have it. Now the Christmas crafts can begin! Stay tuned!