You're Safe With Me, by Chitra Soundar & Poonam Mistry


I honestly don't know where to start talking about this book. I am obsessed with it. I spotted it on one of our regular library trips and I got so excited just by the cover. Remember the old saying, never judge a book  by it's cover. Well I always think that it can go both ways. Publishers want your eye to be grabbed enough by the cover to take it off the shelf and peak inside. I'm sure there is probably a technical term for that in their industry. I think sometimes though, that that is where the lure ends, that once you open it, it is a bit of a let down. But this book!? I mean every single double page is a feast for the eyes.


Poonam Mistry is the illustrator and she works with fine liners which she then adapts digitally. The result  is breathtaking. After we had read it through a couple of times, I had to do some research to know more. At first glance, I naively thought they must have an Aboriginal background as the imagery reminded me so much of Aboriginal Art. However, I soon discovered that both the author, Chitra Soundar and the illustrator were both born in India and now live in London. Poonam grew up surrounded by Indian Fabrics, paintings and ornaments. The illustrations have been inspired by Indian textiles, someone who reviewed the book, suggested Kalamkari textiles.

I mean honestly, I can barely contain the excitement when I learn new things like this. I don't know anything about Indian textiles and so it is like opening a bag of skittles to me. The creative options that leap out from this book are endless. 


Before I get too carried away though, let me roll back to the story. To match the stunning imagery, is the most soft and gentle story that can't help but resonate with Mothers and Fathers everywhere. It is nighttime in the jungle and all the baby animals keep being woken by the noises that surround them. In the dark they are scared not knowing where and what the noises are. The sound like angry noises. Throughout the pages there is  Mama Elephant that hushes them back to sleep, reassuring them that it is only the earth at work for them. Raise a hand whose Little Feet may have woken on a windy, thunder and rain filled night? So have the baby animals. 

"She's noisy,"

said little loris. 


"She's groaning from the weight of the rain," said

Mama Elephant. "Soon she

will turn as fluffy as cotton flowers." 


The little ones relaxed. 

Thunder didn't terrify 

them anymore.


"You're safe with me,"

whispered Mama 



I think i've said it all really. The story is beautifully written and just made for your bedtime routine. The imagery is mesmerising or in the words of Little Feet A, 'Muuuummy, the pictures are amazing!'. There is so much detail every time you read it your eye will see something new. In fact your reading is slower as your eyes are trying to take in everything on the page. As I said above the creative opportunities to come out of this book are vast. We actually did a craft based on this book which I will post separately. It is easy to do and pretty therapeutic even for the Big Feet to get involved in. 


So basically, what I could have said in one sentence....

GO BUY THIS BOOK. Get it here



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