Nature's Tiny Miracle BEE, by Patricia Hegarty and Britta Teckentrup


In celebration of the upcoming National Honey Bee day on Saturday 18 August we bought this book,  Nature's Tiny Miracle BEE, by Britta Teckentrup. Over the next couple of days we will have a few posts put up in celebration of bees. Our children need to understand why bees are so important and why we need to respect and help them if they are too survive us. Books like this one are GREAT for doing this in a fun and visual way. 

Patricia Hegarty is the author and Britta Teckentrup the illustrator. I must admit I'm a little confused as I had originally thought it was all done by Britta Teckentrup as there isn't any mention of Patricia Hegarty anywhere on the front or back cover. In fact it is only in very small print on the inside of the book. So I'm wondering why this is? Anyway care to enlighten me? It's fairly unusual for the Illustrator to be at the forefront of attention over the author. I wonder whether the author has a problem with this. Without one the other is only half done. I actually had to double check on Amazon to see whether it was actually done all by Britta and it was only then I saw she wasn't the author. 

Anyway, lets talk about the illustrations as they really are very beautiful. Britta has done over 100 children's books that have been translated into 25 different languages. I must admit I had never heard of her. If you couldn't tell already, illustrations in children's books really matter to me! A book is only half done if the illustrations don't match the quality of the story. I had a Google and discovered we had previously read 'Neon Leon' which she illustrated (author Jane Clarke). Patricia and Britta have been paired together for another couple of children's books so don't be surprised if you see them reviewed on here soon too. 

The book has been produced on excellent high quality, thick paper. You know the type of paper that you aren't going to rip easily, or rather that Little Hands aren't going to rip easily. I love a book printed on good paper. It just feels great in your hands and like it will last the test of time, or perhaps I should say Little Hands. 


A big thing for us and books for Little Feet are ones that rhyme. We love them. We've read them so frequently with Little Feet A since she was a baby that she now tries to rhyme in general conversation. And sometimes it even does rhyme! So the fact this book rhymes means for us it is already a winner.

Every child loves a peekaboo window.  Additions like this are great for Little Feet, it adds another dimension to books. This book steps it up a notch. The windows are visually pleasing and relevant in shapes of hexagons, echoing the honeycomb in their hives. It is very effective. 


The imagery is vibrant and the pages are full of flowers, nature and colours. The colours throughout the book are deep hues that make each double page so visually enticing. There are pages full to the brim with every type of flower you can think of. Meadows and meadows of flowers. 

"Flowers as far as the eye can see-

too many flowers for just one bee. 

All of a sudden, bee is gone-

she has a message to pass on."


It really is a book that every household should have and a great one to pull out the bookcase at the end of Winter when Spring is beginning to emerge. More fun educational storybooks for kids like this should be written in my opinion. It makes learning fun and these books will stay in their heads when they are older like all the classics do. 

Buy it here.



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