Sweep, by Lousie Greig and Júlia Sardà


Autumn has arrived…

And with it ALL the leaves in the garden. We have a LARGE tree in our garden that loves to dispose of it’s leaves all over the entire of our grass. A continuous stream, throughout the entire of Autumn and Winter. I go through stages of incessantly raking, deciding whether to buy a leaf blower to just abandoning the garden altogether and not going in to it for a month straight.


With the welcoming of Autumn, our book this week is called, Sweep, by Louise Greig and Júlia Sardà. It is a great match. The colours are muted with browns, yellows, reds and golden streaks - a lot like the colours around us outside at the moment. It is filled with leaf orientated illustrations and is an excellent story about the emotion anger.


A big emotion right? One that can attack, hurt and deeply damage the person who holds the anger as well as those around them. A pretty important emotion to get a handle and control over. This book is as important to the Big Feet reading it as it is for the Little Feet.

Sweep is about boy called Ed. Ed is fun to be around when he is in a good mood, but when he is in a bad mood… not so much. One day he gets really angry about the smallest thing and just couldn’t let it go.

‘But before Ed knew it, the something had grown,

gather pace, and swept him off down a path.

Ed’s bad mood thought this was a wonderful idea.

But the things that got in Ed’s way did not.’


Soon he was dragging everything down around him because of it, not just leaves but people and even the weather. His anger kept going until he couldn’t remember what he was angry about, but his bad mood has taken control of him and he couldn’t see all the beautiful things around him.

‘Off course, if Ed had looked up he would

have noticed the beautiful things,

the things that always made his heart sing.

But he refused to lift his eyes.

The ground was a lot more interesting,

or so his bad mood told him.’


Eventually when he begins to tire he starts to wonder whether it was worth it at all. That little thought was the glimmer of light and as soon as he let go, looks up, everything starts to lift away and feel better.


This is a story about so many of us. Am I right?

Letting something little ruin the rest of your day. It is something I personally have failed at again and again and realise that it is such an important lesson to teach our Little Feet to learn. Anger as an emotion is allowed off course, but knowing when to let go of it is even more important. If we allow it to remain it slowly begins to eat at us, it affects our well being, it affects the people around us and we miss out all the good things that our around us.

Books are such good tools to teach our Little Feet, especially if sometimes we struggle trying to explain something. So let someone else do the explaining.
Let’s teach our kids to let go and look up.

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