Weekend Box craft subscription review

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Rainbow Tree-ers! It is almost February half term in the UK. It’s the coldest half term of the year and lots of you will probably won’t to combine the chilly outdoor excursions with some warm indoor activities. If you are anything like me, I loathe soft-plays. They’re smelly, overcrowded, full of winter germs and really just very stressful.

With that all in mind, we have a special offer from the wonderful The Weekend Box craft subscription box company. We have been sent their Wonderful Wintertime Box to trial and share our experience with, what their boxes include and whether they kept my eldest’s attention. If you have Little Feet yourself or need a present for a Little Feet that is aged between 3-8 years old then these boxes are for you.

Each Weekend Box includes four activities that you will do with the help of:


Wooster the rabbit

who likes to do the cooking activities! He gets really messy so needs lots of help from the others while he does it. Just like your Little Feet will need from the Big Feet!

Hattie the hedgehog

who is all about gardening, green activities and recyclable craft. Between you and me, these are our favourite parts of these boxes. The Wonderful Wintertime box is one of the coolest crafts we have done it a long time.

Sammy the squrriel

Sammy is the most arty crafty member of the crew so these activities have been handed over to him. He often appears to be covered in glue of some kind and highly likely glitter.

Oswald the owl

The last member of the crew is Oswald the old owl. He loves to read and is the oldest member. He is in charge of the exploration, sensory and educational activities in the boxes.


These boxes are more the craft boxes, they are cross curricular in learning through the guise of craft and exploration. Can you see where I’m going with this? YES! This ethos of learning is exactly up my street. Little Feet using their hands and all sense to learn is where the best learning comes from. It is what their memories will keep for later and remember fondly. They certainly were for me.

The boxes are full of stickers to stick on each activity page that you have completed, you have stickers to put on loyalty charts to earn prizes. Even the very box it comes in is a self contained activity. A previous half term we had a box which was a shoe that they could cut out and then thread shoelaces through! This Wintertime box has a Room Door Hanger they can pop out and colour in.

What is included in the Wonderful Wintertime Box:

  • Activity book, with craft instructions, amazing facts, wordsearches and colouring in pages

  • Loyalty stickers

  • Stickers for the activity book

  • A colourful height chart

  • Four activity paper bags with pretty much everything you need included (bar scissors and a couple of other things)

  • Room Door Hanging

Salted Snowflakes with Sammy

This is a fun craft you may have done previously with your Little Feet. It involves salt/sugar, glue and paint of some description. In this version they cleverly printed out a template that your Little Feet trace over with glue. Salt is then applied and then the paint. The paint came in a really cool little hard circle that you dissolve into water. Even the paintbrush comes with the pack.

Little Feet A (4 years old) Did the majority of this by herself, she just needed some assistance with squeezing toward the end of the glitter glue. I’d say 5 year olds plus should find this a simple task to do on their own.

Rocky Road Snow bites with wooster

In this pack it includes marshmallows, biscuit and white chocolate buttons. All you need to go with it is basic kitchen utensils, some icing sugar and a microwave. Again instructions simple, Big Feet could probably read them out and your Little Feet would be more then capable in following the instructions. Tasty weekend treats too!

Icy Tea light Holder with Hattie


Hands down my absolute favourite activity the Weekend Box Club has ever done. Honestly, I thought it was so cool and Little Feet A was in awe of it. It is such a simple activity with only four items needed. Included are a balloon and a tea light. All you need is water, a freezer (or very cold weather) and a match or lighter. Simply fill up the balloon with water and stick it in the freezer for 4 hours. This is enough time for a thin layer of ice to form around the shape of the balloon. When you snip the balloon casing off after four hours the cutter layer will be hard ice but the inside will still be water. Gently crack the top away and pour the water out. Then lower the candle in and light it.

This particular activity needed my help a lot and I would suggest you actually read the instructions as we did exactly what it warned us not to with the tap and the balloon. Let’s just say all of us had to go change our clothes as we got completely drenched in water when filling up the balloon!

Needless to say when you are dealing with ice you need to leave it outside as it will last longer and not leave a puddle in your house. I always ended up smashing half the ice ball off instead of the top but the effect was still really fun. Little Feet A thought it was the coolest thing ever and I have to admit, so did I! Some of it even lasted until the next morning as we timed it so that it would be ready in the dark.



Morning after.

Morning after.

Pop Up Penguins with Oswald

Little Feet A did all the cutting out and apart from the flippers and all the sticking. She struggled with the white fan spring which I ended up doing but other then that an easy paper craft. All the additional items you needed were scissors and a pencil. Plus we learnt a new fact about penguins!


All in all the Wonderful Wintertime Box was a success and we have thoroughly enjoyed doing it over the course of a couple of days. What these craft boxes are so good for is just that. They aren’t required to be done all at once. The way they are packaged means you can do a little at a time. The activity packs that come with them have lots of different word games, word searches and colouring in that you can come back to them again and again.

I would absolutely recommend this box, especially for something like half term or a weekend that you haven’t got a lot on. If you take a trip to The Weekend Box Club website you will find that you they even stock STEM boxes for 7-12 year olds as well.

SO if you think you would like to give it a try then you will be pleased to know if you use our own special code they will receive their 1st box absolutely free

(terms and conditions below):


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Everyone who registers with Weekend Box using it will be able to try their 1st box for free (with £1 P&P)

Genuine Fred Halloween Cookie Cutters


I love a good recommendation, especially ones that are tried and tested. I also love baking so for anyone like me this is a match made in heaven for you. When I stumbled across these I knew we just had to try them. I was asked to make some Halloween cookies for Little Feet to decorate as an activity for a family event near where we live. These were the perfect match!

Both of the cookie cutters are made by Genuine Fred and are super innovative. They are a two fold cookie cutter. Both stamp out their shapes and then are turned over to the patterned side and used as stamps to create the designs.


Both come with recipe suggestions which is great as sometimes making sugar cookies for example can be tricky if you want them to stay in a specific shape. The instructions include sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies and chocolate cookies. We used the sugar cookie recipe they suggested and can inform you that we had many compliments and inquires to what was recipe used. So a success I reckon!


After a few practises we got the hang of how these work. They do take a little bit more effort then your average cookie cutter however, they are definitely worth the effort and are clearly for seasonal purposes. I feel most people go the extra mile for seasonal baking, especially when you can get your Little Feet involved and kill and afternoon (no pun intended!).

I would say the key to using these is making sure you chill the cookie dough until it is very cold and then once they have been cut out and stamp, putting them back into the fridge. I remember reading this many years ago in a biscuit making recipe book. The idea is is that the colder the butter in the dough is the less likely it is to melt out and spread when cooking and therefore, keeping it’s shape better. This was definitely true to making the ‘Day of the dead’ ones.

Another note, is to really make sure that the stamping side is covered in flour to deter the dough sticking. I’d say for Little Hands definitely the Gingerdead Men are probably easier and the Sweet Spirts probably more for Little Big Hands to do.


Once these were all cooked and cooled the Little Hands and Feet decorated them in two ways. I had bought white icing pens to fill in the skeletons on the Gingerbread Men and bought a load of cake decorating paintbrushes so that they could paint food colouring on to them. Literally using the cookies like canvases.


To use food colouring gel:

Mix a dab of food colouring with vanilla essence as it helps lubricate the gel from being gloopy to liquidy. Most websites will advise using vodka as the lubricant, yes Vodka! The reason being that the alcohol quickly evaporates leaving the cookie dry quickly. However, what with this being a kid friendly baking craft, I didn’t think using Vodka was appropriate.


Some of the artworks

Disclaimer: This post has affiliate links included, this in no way means if you click through and buy any items attached that you pay more. It simply means that I get a little commission which helps me continue to run this blog!

Buy Genuine Fred cookie cutters on Amazon

5 Craft Subscription Boxes to try

5 Cra-2.jpg

Let us talk Craft Subscription Boxes. Gone are the days of magazine subscriptons, they are so last decade. I mean who realistically has time to sit and read a magazine when you have young kids anyway that’s want I want to know. And if you do, tell me your secrets! BUT, something new has started to enter the atmosphere. They are craft subscription boxes specifically designed to entertain children and are great tools to spend time with them while doing something you didn’t have to think about putting together. Great right? Minimum effort and maximum reward! They are for the most part, completely self contained and shoot through your letter box at varying times of the month. Some brands you get fortnightly, some monthly and some you can choose longer periods of time between each box.

With days getting shorter by the day, rain coming more often chills filling the air, Autumn is chasing at our heels and before we know it Winter even will be upon us. If you Little Feet are at school then perhaps having something waiting for the weekend will take the edge off of having to plan for every weekend. Cozy weekends indoors with pyjamas and crafts sound good to me. These days the theme for subscription boxes are pretty endless. There are craft ones, science ones, gardening ones, baking ones, art ones, book ones, language ones, you name it. Everyone has jumped on the band wagon and we aren’t hating it. It is a smart idea and people are jumping aboard that wagon in subscribing.

Today we will be reviewing 5 of the best Craft Subscription boxes in the UK at the moment. They are often in tune with school curriculums and are full to the brim with STEAM content. This is not be an exhaustive list, we have not tried all of them, only 3 out of 5. Two of the three we have managed to get you guys discounts for!

In time, we will be reviewing book subscription boxes too as, as you all know we are a family that has equal love of books as to arts and crafts.

5 Craft subscription boxes

  1. Weekend Box Club


3-8 years old


£8.95, free delivery

How often:

Every fortnight or monthly and can cancel at any time.

What’s inside:

A personalised box with a loyalty chart with monthly stickers, colouring activities, comic strips to complete, something to make, bake and explore. Each activity has everything you need inside.

Ages 8+:

Business Builder Boxes that include - everything you need to start your own business, making products, finance games, sales tips and more

An example of the activities in a box.


After trying a few boxes, the Weekend Box Club is one of our favourites, every box is spot on and Little Feet A (4 yrs) has been enthralled and so excited whenever it comes through the door. The activities can easily fill a weekend and we come back to it a number of times through each weekend. Definitely suited to a 4 year old + with no difficulty. Each activity is slightly different which means they are well varied for every child’s personality. Everything in these boxes are recyclable, every part of them considered. Each of the activities packaging is utilised in each of the crafts where possible too. They are also seasonal when they can be which is always a bonus as well.


If you are interested in trialing this box, if you follow the link below through you will get a special £1 price for your first box to allow you to get a feel for them and see whether your Little Feet might be interested.




3-8 years old.


£7.95 + £2 delivery


At some times of the year they advertise sending out a free box with every first time sign up.

How Often:

Monthly. Charged on a month to month basis. Can cancel at any time. Option of adding a sibling on to your order too.

What is inside:

Crafts, an interactive magazine, stickers and a personalised box.


Toucan Boxes were the first craft subscription we tried and it was really exciting it popping through the door. We spent a good 45 minutes doing some of the activities and Little Feet A (4 years old) really enjoying doing it. It was a little disappointment however that one of the included crafts fell apart within an hour. HOWEVER, the next box that came through the door the next month completely redeemed itself. It was dinosaur themed, in itself a win, but the content was EXCELLENT. The craft was fantastic, the magazine excellent with interactive stickers and maths sequences that Little Feet A really enjoyed working out. The recipe included, though it didn’t include any of the ingredients, it was easy to make with Little Feet A and both of them wolfed it down for a few days afterwards. Again another excellent craft box with a lot of thought and effort put into it.



3-8 years


How Often:

Delivered at the beginning of each month.

What’s Inside:

Four seasonal activities: gardening and nature crafts. Also included are instructions, nature news and a quiz for teaching Little Feet about the seasons, plants, insects, birds, soil and rainfall. Activities have been created by qualified teachers and support the national curriculum with influence from Forest School, Steiner and Montessori education. BONUS if you ask me!


You guys. I cannot recommend this box enough. The lovely owner Anja, sent us a box to trial for this post and we totally fell in love with the concept and everything included. It is professional looking and well packaged. The instruction notes are made to keep, they are printed on good quality paper. File them away and you can come back to the again and again every year. The activities are so easy to follow and everything is either included, something you already have at home or available outdoors in nature.

Since having my own Little Feet and seeing the light and excitement in their eyes and faces when we are outdoors exploring, learning new things about the world we live in, it has opened me up to the limitless options of nature crafts. It is no secret that we love doing crafts with nature, all you have to do is look at our feed of blog posts. To learn about the Earth, how to care for it, how to grow things and keeping your eyes open to see the world around you is good for the soul. Not just for Little but Big Feet too. Apart from it giving us free craft materials, it also helps them think out of the box to create inquisitive and innovative thinkers and creators. Life is busy though, we don’t often have time to come up with these ideas ourselves and that is ok! Mud & Bloom is here to fill that for you, straight to your door.


Use the code RAINBOWTREE at the checkout to receive 15% off. This is valid for a month, starting 3.10.2018, finishing 3.11.2018.



3 yrs +


£7.45 postage included, for 6 months monthly

£ 6.95 postage included, for 12 months monthly

How Often:



-Join the letterbox club with the prices shown above or

-Build Your Own Big Activity Box for £10.99

What’s included:

Reward stickers, a minumum of 3 activities, recycling task, instruction sheet with pictures, prize chart and art brush.


Can’t give a review as such as we are yet to trial a box. From looking at the website it looks like a smaller run business then the previous two boxes.

5. Mister Maker Club



3-8 years old


£5.95 +98p postage

Can add an additional sibling box for £5.93

How Often?

Delivered every two weeks.

what’s in it:

All the materials included

Colourful instructions

Activity book full of colouring, puzzles and games

Free collectable sticker

First box comes with a large wall chart

Badges and certificates throughout your craft journey


These boxes are a collaboration between Mister Maker a BBC children’s show and Toucan box (shown above). Each box is built by educational experts and full of good materials to help with the creations. We have not tried these boxes but their website looks professional and is very clear to follow. As it is a collaboration with the Toucan box it will probably not be too dissimilar to their boxes.