Genuine Fred Halloween Cookie Cutters


I love a good recommendation, especially ones that are tried and tested. I also love baking so for anyone like me this is a match made in heaven for you. When I stumbled across these I knew we just had to try them. I was asked to make some Halloween cookies for Little Feet to decorate as an activity for a family event near where we live. These were the perfect match!

Both of the cookie cutters are made by Genuine Fred and are super innovative. They are a two fold cookie cutter. Both stamp out their shapes and then are turned over to the patterned side and used as stamps to create the designs.


Both come with recipe suggestions which is great as sometimes making sugar cookies for example can be tricky if you want them to stay in a specific shape. The instructions include sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies and chocolate cookies. We used the sugar cookie recipe they suggested and can inform you that we had many compliments and inquires to what was recipe used. So a success I reckon!


After a few practises we got the hang of how these work. They do take a little bit more effort then your average cookie cutter however, they are definitely worth the effort and are clearly for seasonal purposes. I feel most people go the extra mile for seasonal baking, especially when you can get your Little Feet involved and kill and afternoon (no pun intended!).

I would say the key to using these is making sure you chill the cookie dough until it is very cold and then once they have been cut out and stamp, putting them back into the fridge. I remember reading this many years ago in a biscuit making recipe book. The idea is is that the colder the butter in the dough is the less likely it is to melt out and spread when cooking and therefore, keeping it’s shape better. This was definitely true to making the ‘Day of the dead’ ones.

Another note, is to really make sure that the stamping side is covered in flour to deter the dough sticking. I’d say for Little Hands definitely the Gingerdead Men are probably easier and the Sweet Spirts probably more for Little Big Hands to do.


Once these were all cooked and cooled the Little Hands and Feet decorated them in two ways. I had bought white icing pens to fill in the skeletons on the Gingerbread Men and bought a load of cake decorating paintbrushes so that they could paint food colouring on to them. Literally using the cookies like canvases.


To use food colouring gel:

Mix a dab of food colouring with vanilla essence as it helps lubricate the gel from being gloopy to liquidy. Most websites will advise using vodka as the lubricant, yes Vodka! The reason being that the alcohol quickly evaporates leaving the cookie dry quickly. However, what with this being a kid friendly baking craft, I didn’t think using Vodka was appropriate.


Some of the artworks

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