Roll Your Own HeArt Wrapping Paper

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This is a how-to create your own homemade wrapping paper with either an empty wrapping paper roll or even just empty loo rolls. There are so many things one can make with these items and this is a really fun and versatile one. I have a tendency to be quite picky with what wrapping I buy in shops. I love giving and part of that is giving a beautifully wrapped present too. It's just part of the excitement for both parties isn't it? My sister and I are of an ikle that occasionally will squirrel away wrapping paper that we couldn't bear to throw away or even specifically buy a sheet of beautiful wrapping paper just because we loved the print and wanted to be able to stare at it some more. We wouldn't dream of using that for actually wrapping a present! And if on the occasion it is used, well, guaranteed we must really, reeeeally love you. Especially to have to watch you rip the paper open like, well me devouring a slice of chocolate cake perhaps...

Our haul

Our haul

All you need to create your own wrapping paper is big sheets of white paper or even better a roll of kraft paper that you can buy at your local post office or Poundshop, some paint, a pair of scissors, some foam sticker back sheets or even better ready made foam stickers, an empty wrapping paper roll/loo roll and paint roller/paint brush.  

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All you need:

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  1. Empty tube of wrapping paper
  2. Sheets of foam stickers
  3. Paint
  4. Paintbrush 
  5. Paint palette 
  6. White paper or Kraft paper
  7. Scissors
  8. Pen


  1. Decide what shapes you would like your wrapping paper to be decorated in. Make them fairly simple as you will have to cut them all out. On the back of your foam sticker sheet, draw lots your chosen shapes. Then with your scissors cut them out carefully. 
  2. Unstick the backing and stick them sporadically all over your empty wrapping paper roll. Make sure they are on all sides. Make sure you leave each end of the roll empty so they become handles for your hands when you roll. 
  3. Lay out as much kraft paper or white paper you need and cut to size. 
  4. Using the paint brush and paint paint the foam shapes facing up at your and the ones closest to you. Put the paint brush down and hold on to the ends of your roll. Place it carefully at the edge of your paper and gently roll as if you were rolling dough out. Once you have rolled the foam bits with paint one stop. Pick up the paintbrush and paint the next foam bits. Then roll these out. Repeat this process until the whole sheet is stamped. Leave to dry. 
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We also used white paper and the colours really popped. 

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Though we have used empty wrapping rolls for this, we also did it on empty loo rolls and this is just as effective. It is just a bit more labourious as the loo roll is smaller and therefore more printing needs to be done to finish the whole bit of paper. 

If you are interested in making your pattern more complicated you can create another wrapping roll with another shape on them. Follow the same process from 1-4.

This process is how handmade block textile printing happens. We are just doing it on paper.

Perhaps ask your kids as they do this if they have you ever thought about fabric or wallpaper being a piece of art? Someone has spent time creating that pattern, it is a creative process, just like painting on a canvas or sketchbook.  




The video below shows you the age old process. 

Art around the world can help inspire us to do crafts at home with our children. They will learn about cultures and their art, their geography and the different arts and crafts that their countries are famous for. Art is such a powerful tool for learning about our world!

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