Pumpkin Potions


It’s half way through October and shops are now filled to the brim with pumpkins, cobwebs, wizard hats and gouls. Half term is fast approaching and pumpkins and pumpkin patches will no doubt be on the agenda for the majority of families. We have come up with something a little different for you all this Halloween. We will be creating Pumpkin Potions, a science halloween experiment! If you are bored of carving and decorating year after year, then this is sure to be something of a new tradition. It certainly will be for The Rainbow Tree house that is for sure! The Little Feet go crazy for it and all your have to do is have a look at the faces of sheer unbridled joy to get an idea of the fun to be had!


The Science


Now, I’m no scientist but, my trusty friend Google has told me that the basics for what happens is when an acid and a base react, they cause a reaction that creates a gas called carbon dioxide. In this case the acid is vinegar and the base is the bicarbonate soda. The carbon dioxide can’t be contained when it is created and therefore bubbles over as it keeps reacting. The reaction will eventually stop once all the bicarbonate soda dissolves. So, when it stops bubbling over, there is no bicarbonate left. If you want it to keep going, by adding more bicarbonate and vinegar it will begin to react again.

The more bicarbonate soda and vinegar you add, the bigger the reaction. So if you have a large pumpkin for example, if you want it to bubble over you will need lots of bicarbonate soda (base) and lots of vinegar (acid).

So join us, get yourself to a supermarket, or even better a pumpkin patch and get potion making!

IMG_1448 2.JPG

What you will need:

  • Pumpkins & or Squashes

  • Bicarbonate Soda

  • Spoon

  • Sharp knife and scoop

  • Food colouring

  • Distilled vinegar/ any white vinegar

  • Tray

  • Jugs/glass to mix your vinegar and food colouring in


  1. Cut the top off each of your pumpkin and squashes and scoop out the insides. No need to thin down the sides as you would a pumpkin when carving it. Just make sure to scoop all the seeds and gloop out.

  2. Now mix your vinegar and food colouring in separate jugs or glasses, making sure to obviously keep one colour to one container.

  3. Place your pumpkins and or squashes on your tray and let your Little Feet scoop bicarbonate soda into it. The bigger the pumpkin, the more bicarbonate you will need and vice versa, the smaller it is the less you need.

  4. Now you can start to pour the coloured vinegars into each pumpkin and watch the magic happen! The more vinegar you pour in the more the bicarbonate will react to it and the more your ‘potion’ will bubble up and over the sides! Hubble Bubble!

{Pumpkin potions.jpg