Wax Crayon Hearts



Hand up who has a tub of them somewhere in their house? We have one and it mostly just sits there unattended and unloved. Neither to my kids were or are that interested in them as a writing impliment, both much prefer felt tips. So apart from discovering, when fishing a few colours out of them the other day, some little gnaw marks in one of them that my youngest must have made they must feel pretty abandoned generally. Plus, I'm sure being gnawed on is anyone's idea of fun, even for an inanimate object.  


I first did this neat craft last year and posted it on my instagram so a few of you may have seen it already, but we slightly reinvented what we did with them after they were made. They look complicated but aren't at all. It's easy and visually effective. 

What you will need: 

  • Crayons 2-6 colours

  • Sharpener

  • Heat tool or hair dryer

  • Wax paper (must be specifically wax)

  • Scissors

Optional: If you would like to continue to make the mobile you will need:

  • A sewing ring

  • A hole punch

  • String (we used transparent ones so they are mostly invisible




  1. Cut out two hearts the same size. And then as many sizes as you like. You need two of each size so make sure you cut them the same.

  2. If your crayons have paper around them, remove this. With your sharper sharpen your crayons onto a paper plate or surface. Sharpen as many colours as you wish to use.

  3. Open up your hearts and lay them side by side, wax paper pointing upwards. The wax side need to be closest to the crayon shavings as it will all melt together and fuse.

  4. Put a handful of crayon shavings on to one side of a heart. You don't need vast amounts just a light covering. Put the matching other side of the heart, wax side down on top of the crayon shavings.

  5. Plug your heat tool/hair dryer in. Gently hold one side of the hearts down and turn the heat on, pointing it directly above your heart. And like magic you can see the crayon turn from being solid into liquid wax. Great for demonstrating the process of a solid object turning to liquid. Once it has all melted, turn off the heat and allow to cool for a few seconds. Then it is done!

  6. Repeat the process for as many or little times as you like.


What can you do with your creations? 

1. Use them for stained glass window decorations. 

These are some we made last year. 


2. Make them to insert into a last minute Valentine's Card


3. Make a mobile