Superhero Masks

Meet The Rainbow Tree Superheroes.

Above we have Cyber Wasp and Super Blizzard. Below we have Cyber Claw, Awesome Fire and Invincible Phoenix!

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No Superhero is complete without a Superhero mask, so it was only right that we accompanied the DIY Superhero Cape post I did for Super Simple with a Mask tutorial post. Now listen up folks, I'm not going to lie, the grown ups in our house have had just as much fun using these as the Little Feet have. I'd totally encourage you to make one for each person in your house. Daddy Big Feet told me I wasn't allowed to make one for the fur ball. . . spoilsport. I reckon I could get away with make a cape from him though... Watch this space! 

There is nothing stopping you from making these out card, but we have made ours out of felt. We thought that they would last longer in our dressing up box - which they have! Joined with the capes and the masks they have become firm favourites.


What you will need:

  •  A4 felt sheets - a pack of rainbow colours
  • Fabric scissors
  • Elastic thread
  • Fabric glue
  • Eyelet pliers set 
  • Pen
  • Paper 


  1. Design your mask and it's decoration on the paper. 
  2. Draw out a mask shape. We used a mask we already had at home as a template. You will need to draw out two mask shapes to make the masks more sturdy. Make sure that the eye holes are spaced out enough for your Little Feet's eyes. 
  3. Cut them out. Fabric scissors are sharper then most so if you, the adult would rather do this bit then do this bit. 
  4.  Spread fabric glue over one side of a mask and stick the the other mask side on top of it. 
  5. Now you can cut your decorations out of the remaining felt for your mask. Glue them on, leaving space to make a hole no each end to put the eyelets through. 
  6. On each side of your mask, in the middle of the fabric, pierce a hole through both sides of the felt mask with your fabric scissors. 
  7. Now comes the fiddly part. Place on each side of the mask, one of the eyelets so that they sandwich together the felt. Carefully place the pliers over each of the eyelets and squeeze them shut. This action will press the eyelets together, bending the metal and holding each other closed. This will mean you can easily slip through your elastic. 
  8. Once both sides are done measure out some elastic string and tie on to each side of the mask to create a band that will hold the mask to the face. 
  9. Your superhero costume is now half done! 

At the Superhero convention we see Super Blizzard mentoring Invincible Phoenix in how to decorate her Superhero Cape. Meanwhile Monster Ivy is in his getaway vehicle in hot pursuit of some Supervillians. Cyber Claw has spotted the tomfoolery across the square and assures us she has it covered as she jumps aboard her supervehicle. 

Monster Ivy in his getaway vehicle!

Monster Ivy in his getaway vehicle!

Want to make the Superhero capes too? Purchase them here . 



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