Autumn Wall Hanging

Autumn wall hanging-2.jpg

Have you heard of Macrame wall hangings? They have been all the rage in the last year. You can buy kits now with thick thread and cotton to weave them into complicated patterns and they look great hung on a bare wall. Well, our Autumn Wall Hanging is inspired by them. But we didn’t have to buy anything! We foraged conkers and berries and we took one of the many sticks collected from outside our front door. The items you pick to display will slowly dry out in your house and then will keep for weeks. Once you have grown bored of your wall hanging, then just make a different one and swap it out!

We have hung this particular one both on a wall and on our front window in our living area. We have kept it on the window as it looks great from the outside too. I found it a bit tricky photographing it on it though so bare with the images, I’m no photographer!

IMG_5687 2.JPG

What you will need:

  • A stick

  • String/thread

  • Scissors

  • Conkers/acorns/pine cones/berries/leaves etc - whatever you can forage

  • Something to make holes in the conkers

  • Large needle



  1. Take a bag out on a walk and forage items to use on your wall hanging. Items like, pinecones, conkers, berries, leaves, feathers, flowers just to name a few.

  2. Think about how you may want to decorate your wall handing. Perhaps lay it on the floor and place everything where you would like it without the sting.

  3. If you are using conkers you need to make holes in each of them. Pierce one side and push through until it comes out the other end. We used a metal thermometer that we no long use.

  4. Cut a piece of sting and thread it through the eye of the needle. Tie a knot on the end of the string and thread it through the hole you made in the conker. Pull through until it stops. Keep threading conkers until you are happy with the amount. Make sure to stay with your Little Feet while doing it as needles can be sharp.

  5. Start assembling your conkers. Be aware that using a stick as a frame as it were means that you need to put some thought into balancing the work of art. If you put 10 conkers on one side it will tip down to that side.

  6. String up some berries or pine cones if you have them too. Make sure to space them out over the stick of you have. Tie one end with string and attach it to the string and tie them.

  7. Cut a long piece of string and tie each end to the end of the stick to create a way to hang it.


A few things to talk to your Little Feet about while they create it. Symmetry, asymmetry, different lengths of strings, using the different colours of nature to bring a splash of colour to their wall hangings. We used red berries to set off our conkers. We will be making another one with yellow berries soon too as we have a fantastic bush near us with bright yellow berries too. Watch them over the days to come as they dry. Does the colour change?

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IMG_5657 3.jpg