Autumn Nut-tree Display

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Another Autumn craft for you all! It’s no secret this time of year is one of our favourites. All the things nature produce are great for doing crafts and celebrating a new season. We love picking conkers and acorns and do it at least twice a week when they are in season. As a result, we have a lot of produce. I mean A LOT. So I like to experiment doing crafts with the Little Feet. I think this one is pretty successful if I don’t say so myself! And both Little Feet A (4 years) and B (23 months) really enjoyed getting involved. They were involved from start to finish; from collecting and picking them to it’s completion. Coupled with the fact they really enjoyed the process means it was definitely a successful craft.


Interior magazines are full of Autumn decor and ideas of how to decorate your houses. Though I couldn’t live without colour in my house, I equally am a really big fan of the nature decor. So using items from the current season to decorate. So in Autumn and Winter there are pinecones every where as well as conkers and acorns, in Winter for Christmas our house is full of dried oranges, cinnamon sticks, holly branches and berries, you name.

So this Autumn ‘nut’ tree display is going to become a favourite to do every year with the girls. In fact, I think next year will do a few different sizes too.


What you will need:


  1. Take a bag or bucket and go foraging for conkers and acorns. You will need quite a few of each!

  2. Pierce all your conkers with your toothpicks. Snap some toothpicks in half and use them - these will be needed for the top of the cone as it is not very wide. Otherwise the long toothpicks will go straight out the other side of the oasis.

  3. When you think you have enough conkers and acorns pierced, put them on a plate and show your Little Feet what they need to do. Show them how they need gentle hands so not to break the oasis. The acorns are good for filling up the top, narrow part of the cone as they are smaller and lighter in weight. They are also good for filling in gaps that conkers may have missed.

  4. Once they have finished, or their attention has started to wander let them run off. Now is the Big Feet’s turn. You may find there are large gaps, or pieces that might need to be readjusted. Fill in any gaps and it is up to you whether you adjust any of them. The aim is to try and cover all the oasis so that you can’t see it.

  5. Now you can display it on a window sill, or perhaps as part of a mantle piece display or even a centrepiece display for the table.


Fact: Did you know that if you line your windowsills with conkers it detracts spiders from coming in the the house?!


We are going to keep ours for as long as we can and see if it can last until Christmas. We’ll let you know if it lasts that long!