Garden Loom Weaving


My girls love to be outside. They seriously thrive off it. It blows the cobwebs away, stops bickering and always injects them with a new lease of life. Since moving house they are especially enjoying our new garden. It is a manageable size and is flat. Plus they’ve just discovered a space behind a couple of large bushes which they have claimed as their own ‘secret den’. Watching them play, my mind is whirring with the endless options of what we could do to enhance their imaginative play with that little space.


With the weather getting warmer and there being not as much rain, we’ve been exploring some new creative activities for the garden.

I have been wanting to try nature weaving for a while now. Ever since we went to a place called Studford Adventure Trail in Yorkshire last year. If you are based in Yorkshire I thoroughly recommend it. It is a great day out and you get to drive through the Yorkshire dales to get to it.

Half way through their trail they have a large weaving loom to weave anything from nature into it. Such a fun idea for getting Little Feet involved in nature. What child doesn’t like gathering?! Mine certainly do…

After having a think, it was clear that you could make your own garden loom pretty easily with some medium sized branches and rope. So off Daddy Big Feet went and collected four dead branches and I tied them together to make a square. After which I made the loom part with rope, wrapping it vertically and horizontally over and over until it was completely covered. Put it up against a bush or wall and it’s ready to be used!

What is so great about this is that it can be used again and again. Once the flowers and leaves start to wither away and drop off you can just keep adding to it whenever you feel like it. It becomes a permanent fixture in your garden.

After we had finished our weaving, I even noticed a bee had come to feed off one of the flowers we had put on it!

How to make a Garden Loom

LRG_DSC01140 2.JPG

What you need:

  • Four largish branches

  • Rope

  • Scissors

  • Leaves, flowers, branches, weeds, feathers etc


LRG_DSC01139 2.JPG
  1. You will need four branches from a wood. How big they are will depend on how big you want your loom to be.

  2. Using your rope, secure each of the corners by tying the rope around them.

  3. Once all four corners are secure, with the rope start to wrap the rope vertically, again and again until it is completely covered (see images). Then repeat this but this time horizontally so that the rope overlaps the vertical ones.

    Tip: try to weave the horizontal rope with the vertical so that the rope weaving is more secure.

  4. When it is all covered, stand it up and rest it again a bush, tree, fence or wall.

  5. Take your Little Feet to go collect some nature to weave into it. It could be flowers, long grass, weeds, branches, pinecones, acorns or leaves. Anything you can find.

  6. Demonstrate how to gently weave/ put them into the loom.

We loved how it looked at the end of our first session. It was like our own piece of garden artwork with a frame and all! In the days that came afterwards, I noticed them both on separate occasions go and add to it if they found a pretty flower or piece of long grass. I'm looking forward to seeing how our loom evolves over the next two seasons. How the flowers will change and how the colours will develop. I’m especially looking forward to seeing Autumn leaves and all of that seasons offerings displayed on here!


Some close ups


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