Tissue Paper Stained Glass

Tissue Paper Stained Glass.png

This craft is super easy and can be done over and over again with different coloured tissue paper, on different windows, in different seasons.

It can be done by a wide range of ages, from preschool children up to much older ones. This can be achieved by simply changing the complexity of the stained glass design.

For Littles: simply buying pre-cut tissue paper and allowing them to just apply to the contact paper themselves.

Bigger Feet: you can go further and actually design your own stained glass window and then apply hand cut tissue paper to fill your design in. Designing our own Christmas stained glass scenes at primary school is one of my favourite memories from when I was younger. Find our CHRISTMAS STAINED GLASS WINDOWS HERE The good thing about this activity is that it can be done in any season!

As you can see, it is for any season and every aged Little Feet, so we have you covered!

What we love about this craft is that it is a really fun way of providing some privacy to your house. If there are windows over looking houses, a downstairs toilet, or glass door then this is a great way to both fix this issue and make it a family affair. It will add a unique twist to your house, will keep your Little Feet occupied for a bit AND it’s cheap! What’s not to love.

Fairy wings optional!

Fairy wings optional!

The Little Feet helped make our master bedroom that little bit more private as we back on to some more houses. I love how when our room gets the sun we have colours dancing on the floor and walls as it hits the tissue paper.


What you will need:

  • Tissue paper

  • Scissors

  • Contact paper - transparent or translucent

  • Sellotape

  • Window


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  1. If you have pre-cut tissue paper then skip this step. If not, cut your tissue paper in either squares or circles.

  2. Find a suitable window.

  3. Cut the contact paper to size.

  4. If you have Bigger Feet who would like to design a window, get them to draw it onto paper first. Once they are happy with it, they can draw it onto the smooth transparent part of the contact paper. This way when the paper part is removed they will be able to see their design. One thing to explain to them will be that their design will be backward! If you have Little Feet doing the simplified version as shown in all the images, skip this step.

  5. With sellotape, peel back each of the corners and sellotape the translucent/transparent bit down.

  6. Gently pull the paper grid off the window and dispose of it.

  7. Invite your Little Feet to stick the tissue paper on the window. Demonstrate what to do and they will soon get the hang of it.

  8. If you have chosen a larger window you may have to help them along to fill the entire window with tissue paper.

  9. When it has been completely covered, step back and admire your work!

Process of becoming Tissue Paper Stained Glass

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Half way through this activity, both Little Feet got bored. But that’s ok! We left it and Little Feet A came back about half an hour later with some additional wings on too.

I could lost in those circles. I think they’re kind of mesmerising, don’t you?

I could lost in those circles. I think they’re kind of mesmerising, don’t you?


We have done this craft a few times with square tissue paper cut outs. This time I wanted to try a different shape. The circles are a little reminiscent of crown glass windows which were an early type of window. You may recognise the circular bullseye feature. Think of old pubs or hotels with quaint window detailing.

This time round, as it is Spring we decided on some light seasonal colours for the windows. We’ll probably change them up a bit in a few months!

We would love to see your versions, especially your Bigger Feet’s inventions. Don’t forget to tag us in social media so we can share your masterpieces! @the.rainbow.tree.blog