The Polystyrene Snowman

Polystyrene Snowmen-2.jpg

It is crazy cold where we are. In the last week the temperature has plummeted and it is COLD. I mean sure it’s not Canada cold, but it’s gone down to freezing and most of us would rather be in then out. Though my Little Feet still have a week left of school, I know most schools in the South have already broken up. So if you have and you are needing some indoor entertainment, why not consider matching a Christmas film or book with a festive craft? We love doing this, it keeps the story alive and continues play after they’ve finished. For this one we matched The Snowman film with making a snowman.


What you need:

  • Polystyrene balls (two sizes)

  • Ice lolly sticks, x2

  • Cardboard Loo roll

  • Black pen

  • Prit stick

  • Paint/felt tip pens

  • Coloured paper/card

  • Fabric for a scarf


  1. Stick one of your lce lolly sticks into the bigger polystyrene ball. Now stick the smaller one into the sticking out ice lolly stick. You now have the body of the snowman! Easy!

  2. Draw on the eyes, mouth and buttons with your pen.

  3. If you have an orange ice lolly stick, snap it in half and use it for a nose. If you have a normal coloured one, using either orange paint/crayon/felt tip colour it in first. We happened to have an orange one lying around.

  4. Cut a cardboard loo roll in half.

  5. If you have coloured paper, draw a bigger circle around the loo roll. This will be the rim of a top hat. Now measure out some coloured card to go around the loo roll and stick it on. If you want to skip this step you can just use a felt tip pen or paint to colour your loo roll.

  6. Stick the loo roll on top the circle of card to complete your top hat. Now stick this on the head of the snowman with your glue.

  7. Using your fabric, wrap your scarf around your snowman’s neck!

Other items you could use to make this is papermache baubles or even balloons using sellotape to stick them together. Or why not make food snowmen? Pancakes, or marshmallow snowmen sticks, or if you are crazy enough to eat ice cream at this time of year, ice cream snowmen!


Tissue Paper & Pom Pom Wreaths


This is a great Christmas craft that can be done all in one sitting and is a great way to spend 20-30minutes with your Little Feet. Little Feet A and I did it together while Little Feet B was napping and it was a lovely calm quiet moment for us. Naps are getting far and few between now for Little Feet B so I have been missing that one on one time with Little Feet A. I used to look forward to weekend moments with her but alas Little Feet B now rarely naps at the weekend for not wanting to miss out on anything! So it was a nice surprise for the two of us when we had an hour to ourselves and it was the perfect opportunity to do this with her. I had been saving it for the right moment and it was the perfect time to whip it out. It is another inexpensive Christmas craft to do and the mess is limited. Ours now adorned the sitting room door and I have to say it looks rather smart! I normally try and keep their artwork to their play/craftroom/dining room however, I think we’ll be keeping it up where it is! Might be the cheapest wreath I’ll ever buy!


What you will need:

  • White card (Size up to you)

  • Pva glue (prit stick will not work to stick the pom poms down)

  • Green tissue paper

  • Pom poms (we used two different sizes)

  • Coloured paper (for the bow)


  1. Cut out a large circle on your white card and then a smaller circle inside it to make it look like a wreath. We actually found wreath shaped card paper so we used that and simply cut a bigger circle in the middle of it.

  2. Cover the card with pva glue and stick your tissue paper on it. We cut our tissue paper but tearing it works just as well. As you can see we used two different shades of green tissue, but one green is obviously fine.

  3. Once the until wreath is covered in tissue paper, now you can start sticking your pom poms on. They will need a fair dollop of pva glue in order to stay stuck when they are dry.

  4. Draw out a bow on the colour paper you have and cut it out. Stick on the top of your wreath.

  5. Lay your wreath flat until it is all dry and then hang!


Final product drying.


Stained Glass Magic


May your days be merry and bright!

When I was in Primary school, many, many moons ago... we used to make these stained glass window hangs at Christmas. It is one memory of that time that is so vivid. I actually remember making them and what image I used. I did a Christmas pudding one. So much fun. So doing this again was awesome, with a sprinkling of de ja vue on it too. 

I would say this activity is either for a child that has a good grasp of how to use scissors competently. Alternately, the adult can do the cutting and get your child to apply the tissue paper with prit stick. 


What you will need: 

  • Black card
  • White paper
  • Scissors
  • Prit stick/ PVA
  • Tissue paper 
  • Pencil


  1. Design your stained glass window on a separate piece of paper. Draw it on the black card. 
  2. Either your scissors cut the design out. Remember what you cut out will be where you stick the tissue paper and the light will shine through it. The black card will show the outline of your image. 
  3. Once all cut out, flip the card over and start gluing around the cut out sections and stick your tissue paper on. Try not to overlap the tissue paper. You just want one layer over the cut out parts otherwise you will see the overlapping in the light. 
  4. Once complete stick it on a window a see how the light shines through it! 
The completed stained glass back. See how the tissue paper does not go beyond it's own cut out so it does not overlap. 

The completed stained glass back. See how the tissue paper does not go beyond it's own cut out so it does not overlap. 

Front of the finished stained glass

Front of the finished stained glass