His & Hers


Why not help your children make something for their Mummy and, or Daddys for Heart Day/Valentine's Day? Daddys, uncles, older siblings, aunts, grandparents this is an easy craft that will keep for years to come and be used everyday. All you need is some air dry clay, I'd suggest white as you can decorate them more easily, a cookie cutter, round ideally, though heart or star shapes would work, a bowl or icing rests, a rolling pin and mat, letter stamps or permanent markers and paints if you wish. We will be making jewellery bowls. Not to just be restricted to jewellery though, they can also be used for keys, spare change or any other miscellaneous items that need to be located quickly. 


What you will need: 

  • Air drying clay (places like Amazon, Hobbycraft and The Works all sell them) 
  • Cookie cutters, round ideally, though heart shapes will work also. 
  • Rolling pin 
  • Mat to roll on
  • Letter stamps and or Permanent markers
  • Paint (optional)
  • Fondant flower shaping bowls or a small bowl will do


  1. Roll out your clay onto your mat, to about the depth of a £1 coin. 
  2. With your cookie cutters cut four shapes out. Remove them from the rest of the clay. You may need to gently smooth the sides with your finger. 
  3. Lay them on your mat. Decide if you would like to have writing on them or decorative patterns. If you have decided to paint or use permanent pen instead of stamps then move straight to Instruction 4. If you are using letter stamps for a phrase then gently press out what you'd like them to say onto the clay. I would suggest trialling each on two of the circles for positioning purposes. Once you are happy then repeat on the other two.
  4. Gently lift your cut outs and either place them on an upturned bowl or on to your fondant icing flower bowl and leave for 48 hours to dry. As they dry, they will dry into the shape they are drying on so to create a bowl. PLEASE NOTE: Do not leave air dry clay to dry directly on a wooden surface. As it dries it will leave a water stain on the wood that will be extremely difficult to remove. 
  5. When they are completely dry it is up to your littlies whether they would like to decorate them with paint or add writing in permanent marker. If you have used letter stamps, you might want to paint the letters in, or paint the whole bowl a different colour even. Leave to dry. 
  6. Wrap up and give as presents!

We used some ink letter stamps that we had in the house and then just left the clay it's white colour. 


See above, how they have dried as bowls? 

So there you have it, an easy, but visually effective craft and present to make your loved ones. Just a little way to show your love for them and how thankful you are for them.