Excavating Dinosaurs

The Dino fun continues! 

This time we are doing some excavating. With Spring nipping at our heels, we are all starting to spend more time outside. We just cut our grass for the first time since winter. I'm even considering cleaning the Wendy House and Slide. I know, shocking. Let's be honest though, they will probably stay considerations until high summer... Anyway, (Squirrel)! 


What you will need:

  • Dinosaur figures

  • A tupperware box or balloons (We used a tupperware box)

  • Paintbrush or dropper. (We used a Paintbrush)

  • Warm/boiling water (I'll leave discretion to you with how much you trust your toddler!)

  • Surface with edges - baking tray/ we used a large Tuff spot mixing tray

18 piece Dinosaur in tub, Amazon £5.96

18 piece Dinosaur in tub, Amazon £5.96

Safety- if you are using boiling water, please don't leave your toddler with this activity on their own. You really don't want to be spending hours in A&E because they got too enthusiastic with it and end up spilling it. 


  1. Collect the dinosaur figures that you want to use and put them into a large tupperware then fill with water. Carefully lift and pop into your freezer. Leave to freeze for 24 hours.

  2. Lift out and pop it out of the container it is in and put onto your surface. Boil the kettle and pour into a jug or bowl.

  3. Dip paintbrush into the warm/hot water and start to literally paint the ice. You will see the ice start to melt. Keep doing this until the dinosaurs are free. After a while we used our jug to pour straight on to it.

  4. Listen to the ice as it cracks and starts to melt. Talk to your child about why it is making that noise and explain what ice is.


Excavation Process in pictures

As I was doing some digging, pun intended, I came across some actual Dinosaur Fossil Digging Kits on Amazon. If your kids are a bit obsessed with Dinosaurs and dream of being palaeontologists this may be a fantastic present to get them! I will admit the reviews aren't excellent, however most of them do admit that while overpriced and a little small in size their son or daughter did spend up to an hour uncovering some bones. And honestly, a quiet child for an hour? That is gold dust my friend. Gold dust.