3D Pine Christmas Trees

3D Pine Christmas Trees.png

Fake it till you make it!

Walking home from nursery a few weeks ago, Little Feet A looked up at the trees and noticed that all the leaves had gone. She then added, ‘but the one outside our house still has all it’s leaves.’ Very observant! So then naturally we had a conversation about evergreen trees, pine trees and obviously Christmas trees! This conversation made me chuckle as I had thought of this craft about an hour previously and already had a pushchair full of pine needles, unbeknown to her. I love it when life’s beautiful symmetry alines like that sometimes!

So there is some prep for this and it is adult heavy however, it is a really fun way to spend an hour with your kids and both Little Feet A and B (4 and 2 years old) enjoyed getting involved. Also, there is no need to make it 3D, you can easily just do a 2D one and it is just as effective as I will show you below.


What you need:

  • Cardboard from package, we used Amazon boxes

  • Contact paper (the stick back transparent paper)

  • Scissors

  • Pen

  • Pine needles from a pine tree.

IMG_8215 2.JPG


IMG_8225 2.jpg
  1. Go on a walk and find a pine tree. Collect a small bag full of it’s needles.

  2. Draw out a Christmas tree shape on your cardboard. Then draw a second small Christmas tree inside this one. There needs to be at least a couple of inches between the two. Cut around the outline of the Christmas tree and then cut out the smaller Christmas tree inside that one. See image above.

  3. Repeat this making sure that the next one is the same size but looks like the one on the right.

  4. Trace around the outline of your trees onto the paper side of the contact paper. You will need 4 lots of contact paper tree cut outs - too for each cardboard tree.

  5. Take the paper side of the contact paper off one of the cut outs and stick it to one side of your cardboard trees. Place with the sticky side facing up. Press along the cardboard to help it stick.

  6. Let your Little Feet stick pine needles on top the sticky paper.

  7. When they have finished, take another cut out contact paper tree, take of the backing and place it on top of the pine needles, face down. Press all over to help it stick, especially on the cardboard bit.

  8. Repeat with your second cardboard Christmas tree. When it is pine needle filled and contact papered up, use your scissors to cut out the contact paper in the vertical opening. This is where we will be slotting the Christmas trees together.

  9. One the Christmas that is whole, cut down from the tip of the tree a quarter of the way down.

  10. Now slot the trees together and there you have it!

IMG_8219 2.JPG

End result!


Want something more simple?

Keep it 2d!

They are just as fun and effective. Bringing the outside in in an easy sensory craft.