God Save The Tea

God Save The tea-2.png

The hotly anticipated day has arrived. His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales, otherwise known as Prince Harry is getting hitched. To none other then Suits own Meghan Markle. The last Prince is officially off the market. Well... until Prince George and Prince Louis are ready for the taking. Jokes! Sort of, you know I have two daughters and, you know, I want the best for them. Sorry, I'll stop. Im actually not one of those mothers. Thank goodness, how exhausted they must be all the time. More exhausted then the normal mother. All that match making sounds draining. I mean have you watched Fiddler on the roof?! Anyway, I digress. 


I haven't really been caught up in the hype this time round, but Little Feet A has been gearing up for it through her days at nursery this week. They started the week making crowns and then flags. It was then topped off at the end of the week in their best party dresses and ate scones with cream and jam - as is only right. One teacher in her class was even in a ball gown with a tiara. The British, we do nothing by halves and most of us THRIVE off the eccentricism of it all. That is what we are know for right? That, the Queen and Tea. Ah, Tea, we've finally come full circle. 

To celebrate Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding we have done some TEA PAINTING! It's only fitting really. I read on Instagram that every day in Britain

165 MILLION cups of tea

get drunk a day. A DAY. I have to say, that I do not doubt it for a second. We are a nation that  uses Tea in any situation. If we are happy, sad, want a chat, need a wind down, want to celebrate (though Prosecco is preferred lets be honest), if it's cold, if we are in shock (with the addition of a spoonful of honey), if it's hot, if we're bored or even just thirsty. Well, you get the idea. 

Other nations find it perplexing and continually baffling. I suppose it would be if you weren't indoctrinated at a young age. I remember getting to my teenage years and being asked if I would like tea at family gatherings. I vividly remember saying yes and having the thought process that i knew I needed to get used to drinking it if I were to survive living in this country (I spent most my childhood years overseas). In fact, when I had my own Little Feet I was shocked to find out that a large portion of mothers actually put it into bottles for the toddlers to drink. Im STILL horrified by this. Neither of my Little Feet were/are particularly good sleepers so the thought of voluntarily giving them caffeine makes me want to put salt in my eyeballs. Sorry, I've digressed again. So Tea painting. It was just the next logical step. 



What you will need:

  • White card (thicker to hold the water)
  • Warm water
  • Herbal Tea; lemon (for yellow), blackberry (for blue), raspberry/cherry (for red) and so on. 


  1. Fill a couple of mugs with warm water and put a herbal tea of your choosing into each mug. Wait a few minutes by swirling the teabag and giving a chance for the tea leaves to infuse into the water. 
  2. Once you are satisfied with the colours start painting.
DISCLAIMER: We added a little blue food colouring to our 'Night time' tea bag as it needed some help to make this particular artwork pop. 

DISCLAIMER: We added a little blue food colouring to our 'Night time' tea bag as it needed some help to make this particular artwork pop. 

So from our family to yours we hope you have a very regal day, enjoying a day in the sun and unless you were lucky enough to have an invite, watching it on the telly!