Fabric Painting


Fabric painting. It is pretty much what it says on the tin. Nothing fancy, no bells or whistles, just a simple case of thinking outside the white rectangle that is white paper. I had in my stash of fabric, a large pile of samples that were given to me by my aunt a couple of years ago. I normally get given stuff like this by people I know. I think for most people it would be a puzzled head scratching moment. For me I normally welcome it with a grateful smile.  knowing that I could use them in same crafty way. As is often the case with these things, it can take a while for the opportunity and idea to present itself to me. So one sunny afternoon that the Little Feet wanted to be out in the garden I decided to combine the outdoors with a little paint. 

We had samples from silk to velvet to linen to lattice, embroidered, plain, you name it. Both my 18 month old and almost 4 year old really enjoyed feeing the textures of them all.


My 18 month old got a little lost in mixing the paint together and if i'm honest, I was totally ok with this as I was loving watching the different colours swirl into each other. 

My 3 year old was quite precise in how she painted them. She kept each piece of fabric to one colour or at least similar colours. When I asked what colours she wanted to use before we started it was pretty much all of them. I completely indulged her on that. We are a sucker for bright colours here!

What I found really fascinating was the colours they both used on specific pieces of fabric. Now I don't think they necessarily picked out those colours especially for those pieces of fabric, but some colours were so complimentary that they were mesmerising! 


These colours are so yummy!


It really is as simple as that. This is about your Little Feet exploring a different medium to paint on. Artists have been pushing the boundaries of art since art began and this is no different. Think silk painting but with poster paint... and messier!

Want you will need:

  • Fabric samples
  • Glue, PVA
  • Paper
  • Paint
  • Paint palette
  • Paintbrushes


  1. Put glue all over your paper and stick a few samples on it. Cover as much of the paper you can. 
  2. Choose your paint colours, pour them out on your palette.
  3. Let your Little Feet explore painting on the fabric. Each fabric will have a different texture and thread weave. 

I find simply pegging them up on the line is the easiest place to put them, out of the way of Little Hands.