Cling Film Painting

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Cling Film Painting. The majority of us don't like mess and trying to find somewhere to put art work that needs to dry is tricky and limited in most houses.


Wednesdays are my swim mornings with Little Feet B while Little Feet A is at nursery. We had some car tyre issues today though so we couldn't go. This is one of the few mornings that Little Feet B and I do something solely for her benefit, so I really wanted to spend some time with her doing something she would enjoy. I didn't have a lot of time for mess today so I came up with painting on Cling Film. I am sure it isn't particularly innovative but it is the first time that it has occurred to me. I was initially actually looking for Tin Foil for painting however we had run out so the next best thing was cling film! And so our morning was sorted. 


What is so great about it? Well, you can to a certain extent contain the mess and when they are done, simply lift it, scrunch it and throw it away. 


Why do Little Feet enjoy it? It is a sensory activity. Painting on cling film is a different experience to painting on paper. It glides over the top of it and doesn't sink into the paper. It is about the process and not really about the result (though if you read on, the end result was pretty great). 

Little Feet B is 19 months and at first she experimented with the paintbrushes for half the table, then when her confidence rose she began to want her hand painted to transfer the paint and then by the end she was finger painting on the cling film. 


Little Feet B has always known her mind so it was fun to see her direct me to which paint she wanted. So that was an easy way for me to say out loud what colour she had picked. 

Once she had finished and was all cleaned up, i started to lift the cling film off but stopped. She had painted the entire tables worth of cling film and it seemed such a shame to pull it all off without some record (other then photos). So I went and grabbed her sketchbook and on a blank double page I put it face down on some of the paint and pressed it all over making sure it was all flat so to transfer as much of the paint as possible.

BOY was I thrilled with the result! I was seriously chuffed with it. It looked fantastic and the cling film had created some very cool effects. Though it's not particularly necessary doing this part, I really recommend it! Im definitely going to do it again when Little Feet A is around too. 


What you need: 

  • A table
  • Cling Film (enough to cover the table)
  • Paint
  • Paint palette 
  • Paintbrushes
  • Sketchbook / paper (optional) 


  1. Cover your table completely with cling film. 
  2. Pour out your paints in your palette. 
  3. Get your toddler ready to paint and show them by putting the paint brush in the paint and painting the cling film. Little Feet B sat on the chairs to begin with and then swapped to the stool that she stood on. 
  4. Allow them to paint the cling film themselves. When one area was covered, I moved her the next section so that all the cling film was covered by paint by the end. 
  5. When they have finished, wash them down. At this point it is up to you whether you simply lift up the cling film and put it straight in the bin or get a piece of paper and press down on some of the cling film to print their work. The paint will be transferred onto the paper.