Valentine's Water Play

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Generally we don’t put much weight into Valentine’s Day. But this year I have tried to introduce some fun heart themed play at home. Sometimes having a theme gives so much inspiration and this year Valentine’s has done just that.

Water play in a bath doesn’t have to just be at bedtime, have you considered making it an activity during the day? I decided to do just that. We threw petals into a warm bath, a few heart sponges, I lit candles, put some warm milk and even some chocolates out. They look on their faces when they saw the finished product was really sweet. A vision of pink! Im not generally a pink person really but it was fun to have a change of scene and it is almost Valentine’s Day after all…

We didn’t use any scented oils as Little Feet B has sensitive skin, but adding this extra ‘sense’ into water play can add a whole other layer to the experience.

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Now obviously you don’t have to use roses, or pinks. It’s just really thinking outside the box. We threw swimwear on to add to the fun (and also you don’t need to see them naked let’s be honest). Why not even put on some music in the background.

What you need:

  • Full bath

  • Sponges, we bought heart ones

  • Flowers

  • Milk, chocolates, scented bath oil and candles (optional!)


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  1. Fill bath with warm water.

  2. Take your flowers and throw the petals into the bath. Get your little feet to do it.

  3. Decorate the sides of the bath with full heads of flowers, out of reach candles, milk bottles with milk and a few scattered chocolates.

  4. Throw in the heart sponges and jump in! We did not use any bath oils as Little Feet B has quite sensitive skin but this would definitely add another sensory feel to the activity!

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