Holiday Capsules

It's the summer holidays and beaches everywhere are scattered with people enjoying the sun, sea, sand and shingle. The sea has been beautifully cool in this hot summer we have been having. We have spent a few days at and near the beach, enjoying everything it has to offer.

If you are planning on spending all day at the beach then it is a good idea to have some ideas up your sleeve in case your Little Feet start to get itchy feet and to keep the play flowing. You won't need much in the way of ideas but a lovely holiday activity is to create a 'Holiday Capsule'. It is a great way to collect physical memories of your time away or visit somewhere. All you need is a container of some sort to collect some items from where you have been. We took with us a glass jar from I think The Works, which was the bargain price of £1.

We liked the idea of being able to see what was inside without having to open it. Alternatively, I love the idea of having a treasure box that can be squirrelled away and opened. In Little Feet A's bedside table the top drawer has become her 'treasure drawer'. Honestly I try and not open it as I despair at what she has in it. It's normally totally random, like hundreds of sheets of paper that have drawings on, a bouncy ball, feathers, sticks, special stones, pens, one shoe... you name it.

As we have been away at the coast, our Holiday Capsule is based around what we found at the seashore.


The premise of 'Holiday Capsules' is simple, you just put in some things from where ever you have gone to visit. Being at the beach we collected sand, seaweed, shingle, rocks and shells. Little Feet B really enjoyed filling the pot up and it was a nice little 10 minute distraction. Plus searching for shells became an ongoing activity throughout the afternoon. 

What you need: 

  • A container; glass jar or even a small shoe box will do
  • Items from wherever you are visiting


  1. Remember to take your container no your holiday or day trip. If you do forget it, it's no biggie as you can just put them in a bag and transfer them when you get home. 

  2. Collect items from your trip. It can be anything from ticket receipts, polaroid images, sand, feathers, grass, stones, napkins and so on. Collect as much or as little as you wish.